Norton Ant-virus is a leading anti-virus and anti-spyware program product, produced and purchased by NortonLifeLock as a part of the Norton family of computer defense goods. It utilizes heuristics and signatures to identify virus-infected files. A few of the features involve online deciphering, privacy cover, and anti-spyware detection. Additionally, it features customizable tools and offers fast launch.

The main characteristic of this application is its capability to protect computer systems from destructive viruses, which include worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, and keystroke loggers. It works for the client side and is certainly not visible towards the users. However , the provider pack that comes with it permits you to definitely perform an offline check out on windows xp, windows 2021 service load up, and glass windows 2021 service load up.

One of the most important features the fact that the product has been the built in registry cleaner. It works to remove broken class beginning steps-initial and other broken entries that result in decrease performance of computers. A few of the other important features consist of privacy safety, which helps you to reduce contamination and spyware attacks. It also comes with a online deciphering tool that allows the user to study all components of the computer such as the Internet Explorer, Windows Registry, Winamp, and other running functions.