Life-Saving Medication On Hand

Reduce the aspirin delivery time from an average of 16 minutes
to mere seconds.


Quick access to medications – less than 10 seconds. Water and sweat resistant. One size fits most.


Holds two Aspirin-size pills. Pills that fit include: Aspirin, Benadryl, Tylenol 3 Tylenol 4, Maxalt, and Other medications.


Unlimited logos, colors and types. Customizable storage chamber size.

About Us

Pillbands was designed to be a one size fits all wristband to carry Aspirin and other medication when it is needed. The estimated time to take the medication in the band is about 10 seconds as opposed to being in your purse or car.

The adjustable clasp makes this product great for most store fronts. Pillbands can be customized with any color or any print to showcase your place of business.

– Great for Trade shows, giveaways, and corporate events.

“The pill band is a perfect fit for those like me who are active and need to have your life saving pills with you 24/7. And I definitely prefer this over a pill necklace. Excellent quality and I highly recommend this pill band. Randy

Great Product and Great Company

“Awesome product for persons needing their medication quickly. The discrete storage chambers provide instant access to your medication. The pillband has been a lifesaver in our family. Makes a great gift for your loved one! Jo Ann

Convenient and Discreet

Pill Bands

Medication carrying wristband


Shower/Rain/Sweat Resistant – We went though many designs until we acheived the perfect dryness of the cavity. Pillbands are not designed for immersion and should be removed before swimming or soaking in the tub.


The silicone was created in a way that one size fits all – you can cut the loose end after the clasp to reduce the extra length.


Pillbands were created to carry Aspirin to be administrated quickly during the time of need. Our customers have used them for many other pills including Nitro, Benedryl, Mestinon, Clozapine, and other similar sized pills.


No more needing to pull out a heavy keychain device or another large bulky pill carrier that is hard to access. No more digging through purses, bags and other belongings to find your pill container. No more wondering if you’ve selected the right bottle in haste. Pillbands are convenient and easy to access whenever needed.


Pillbands will keep your medication discreetly on your wrist at all times without looking like a medication carrier. Sleek and colorful options are available to match clothing and muted tones are available to discreetly blend in.


Pillbands can be customized to suit any need. Add any logo or design and match any pantone color to complement your brand, event or cause. We can even customize the cavity size to suit other pills or purposes. Pillbands will provide designs free of charge if they are used as event giveaways.

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Pillbands are the absolute best solution for discreetly carrying medication at all times
and ensuring it is within easy reach when needed. The ability to carry Benadryl for
severe allergies, Aspirin & Nitro if you are at risk of a heart attack, and other quickly
needed medications sets Pillbands apart from any other pill carrying device available.